1 I offer translation services with a legal education in Paris
I offer translation services with a legal education in Paris
P   11 months ago   Interpreters   Paris - 28.57km
Interpreter services in Paris, France. I can also provide services in cities around me. I offer translation services with legal education. Translation languages: Russian, French. I perform the follow...

29 € per hour
210 € per day

1 Translation during visits to various exhibitions and seminars in Paris
Translation during visits to various exhibitions and seminars in Paris
P   11 months ago   Interpreters   Paris - 28.57km
Experienced translator and interpreter in Paris, France. Translation during visits to all kinds of exhibitions and seminars. Translation languages: Russian, English, French. I work with different top...

45 € per hour
325 € per day

1 Need to translate financial documents in Paris?
Need to translate financial documents in Paris?
P   11 months ago   Translators   Paris - 28.57km
Certified translator and interpreter in Paris, France. I will also consider traveling to neighboring regions, as well as remote translation. Need to translate financial documents? Translation languag...

0,13 € per word
25 € per page

1 Do you need an interpreter in Paris - French, English, Russian?
Do you need an interpreter in Paris - French, English, Russian?
P   11 months ago   Interpreters   Paris - 28.57km
I offer translation services in Paris, France. Do you need a translator in the field of aviation and astronautics? Hobby - Tourism, hotel and restaurant management. Journalism and translations. Always...

35 € per hour
250 € per day

1 Technical translation of manuals, instructions in Paris
Technical translation of manuals, instructions in Paris
P   11 months ago   Interpreters   Paris - 28.57km
I work as a translator and interpreter in Paris, France. Technical translation of manuals, instructions. Translation languages: Russian, English, French. I perform the following types of translations:...

25 € per hour
180 € per day


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Interpreters and translators in Cergy-Pontoise, France

Language services in Cergy-Pontoise are very demanded as Cergy-Pontoise is a large city in France and hosts many events: exhibitions, conferences, and symposiums every year. If you are going to visit any of the events and require a professional interpreter, you can find them here on Babr for any budget and price. Interpreters and translators in Cergy-Pontoise will accompany you at any specialized exhibition or conference, can help you to prepare your speech or presentation and during negotiations. Translators can translate your documents into any target language. Some of the interpreters in Cergy-Pontoise (France) also offer additional services such as picking up at the airport, city, or airport transfers, city guide services, local SIM-cards, and consultancy on various topics.

Language translators and interpreters


Why you might need an interpreter in France?


Negotiations interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise

If you are going to visit an exhibition or plan financial and business negotiations with your foreign business partner who does not speak your language, you may want to make sure you understand him. In this case, you will need an experienced negotiation interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise. Most of the time a consecutive interpretation will be sufficient for negotiations during such meetings with business partners, shareholders, product purchases, bank negotiations, insurance claims, or phone calls. {While planing your stay in} Cergy-Pontoise you can order an interpreter any time.

Negotiations interpreter


Conference interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise

What if you are going to attend a conference, seminar or training? Well, these events are a little more complex and you will most probably need a simultaneous or conference interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise, which can interpret a speech or a presentation for you simultaneously. Not all interpreters can do this. This type of interpretation often requires special qualifications from interpreters and equipment that can be provided by interpreters or event organizers. Conference interpreters in Cergy-Pontoise will help you.

Conference and seminar interpreter


Medical interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise

If you are visiting Cergy-Pontoise for medical consultation in the hospital, we advise you to find a medical interpreter that has experience working with patients and doctors. Interpretation at a medical consultation, surgery, examination, or therapy requires a high level of qualification from the interpreter. A medical interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise will help you to explain your complaints to the doctor, understand your diagnosis and if required a translation of your medical report can be done by a medical translator too.

Medical interpreters


Technical interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise

In case you are going to visit a factory or production site, or planing a GMP, GCP or GLP inspection in Cergy-Pontoise, we recommend you to look for a technical interpreter with relevant experience in technology, logistics, and related specialization, e.g. pharmacy, chemistry, engineering, etc. On this page, you will find many free ads from technical interpreters in Cergy-Pontoise, including their hourly rates and qualifications and you can book their services by contacting them directly.

Technical interpreters


Legal and court interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise

Life is not so easy and sometimes it comes to conflicts and disputes. If you are going to attend the police station, court proceeding, or witness deposition, you can find here legal and court interpreters in Cergy-Pontoise, who are specialized in judicial and court procedures. They will also be able to help you with the translation of your legal or court documentation.

Legal and court interpreters


Translation services in France


Certified and legal translations in Cergy-Pontoise

As it comes to a document translation, here you will find many translators from various language combinations: English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Czech, and many other languages. Translators in Cergy-Pontoise perform an accurate certified or legal translation of official documents in Cergy-Pontoise. Translating such documents like passport, certificates or diploma must be conducted accurately and reliably by a fully qualified and registered translator so that the translation can be officially certified and consequently recognized by official institutions in France or abroad. Here, at Babr, you will find linguists who are not only native speakers of the target language but who also hold a language degree and are officially registered. As a result, all of your translations are formally certified with a statement of truth, stamp, and a signature – translating your documents acceptable by the legal institutions. Urgent certified translation in Cergy-Pontoise is also possible, please contact the translators to find the rates.

Certified legal translations


Technical translations in Cergy-Pontoise

For technical translation, there are no limits in the range of specialists and services available on Babr. Most often our technical translators work with automotive, technology, and renewable energy sector, allowing their clients to reach a truly global market.  Technical translators in Cergy-Pontoise translate eLearning and technical training materials, installation manuals, market research surveys, marketing materials, online support systems, professional document translation, PowerPoint presentations, Software, iOS and Android apps, Software translation services, technical and commercial bids, user manuals, websites, drawings, 

Technical translations


Medical translations in Cergy-Pontoise

When dealing with medical translation, we place vast importance on the discipline of language and the understanding of all medical terminology. Most of the public and private medical companies, organizations, and corporations find their medical translators here on Babr and get confidential and accurate expert medical translation services across more than 30 different languages. Medical translators in Cergy-Pontoise provide trusted medical translations to clients in private healthcare, the pharmaceutical field, and pubic healthcare sectors in France and internationally. Among the documents are clinical trial documents, consultation reports, codes of conduct, discharge summaries, machine operating manuals, marketing material, hospital websites, operational procedures, patient consent forms, patient information, research papers, medical examination reports.

Medical translations


What is the price of interpreter and translator in Cergy-Pontoise, France?

The cost of interpretation and translation services in Cergy-Pontoise depends on the specialization, language pair, and the volume of the work. For example, if you would like to book an interpreter for one hour, he or she might charge you for 2 hours as it might be a minimum booking volume. The price of interpretation and translation services in Cergy-Pontoise may also vary depending on the language pair. For regular language pairs, the translation prices will be lower, whereas exotic languages might become extremely expensive or not available at all. Often interpreters also charge for the transportation cost if the meeting located far away from the center of Cergy-Pontoise. The same applies to the translation of the documents - higher the volume, cheaper the price. Urgent translation of documents in Cergy-Pontoise usually costs 20% higher than regular translation rates. Each interpreter and translator has his own rates, so for the exact price, you will need to consult a respective interpreter or translator directly

Price and cost of interpretation and translation services


How to find and book suitable interpreter or translator in Cergy-Pontoise, France?

First, you have to think of some requirements you impose on the interpreter or translator: language pair, specialization, type of interpretation or translation, and your budget. Based on these parameters you can use filters on the left to find an interpreter or translator in Cergy-Pontoise and contact him or her directly via the contact form or by phone, informing them about your project, dates, exact location, and negotiate the price. Usually, interpreters answer within a few hours depending on the time of the day. Our website does not allow direct booking yet, so we cannot guarantee the availability of specialists listed above. You have to ask for their availability on your own and book an interpreter in Cergy-Pontoise via Email or phone. Please note that booking may require an advance payment depending on interpreter terms and volume of the job you offer him or her.

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